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Premium quality products/ Ingenious designing:
We use the best grade and quality of stainless steel to produce a wide range of kitchenwares, having a superior flawless finish and long lasting shine. We make use of the best quality stainless steel so that it resists scratch, crack or peeling of the material, thus ensuring durability. We have also come up with ingenious designing of products which display not only inventive skill and imagination but also unique styles and designs which are highly appreciated in the market.

Special packaging
We pack our products using specialized packing materials so as to avoid damage while in storage and in shipping.

No Minimum Order Quantity
Another advantage that Jay Kay International provides to its customers is that there is no limit for minimum order quantity. In other words, we comply with orders not only in bulk but also in economic order quantities. Quality of our products always remains the same no matter what the specification or the quantity desired.

99% Ontime Delivery Record
Our purpose is providing high quality products, good service, and on time delivery to customers. We always ship on time. Its been more than 20 years in the industry and we have always tried to deliver our products on time. We have always maintained a 99% ontime delivery record.

Customized Product Development/ Imprint options
At Jay Kay International we offer custom product development services to cater to our clients' specific requirements. From product raw material, designing, shape, size, finish to packing and shipping, we take care of all our clients needs as per their unique nature of requirements. All types of imprint options in our products are made available to our customers as per their needs.
Specialized Services
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