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Quality management of our company is conducted in accordance with international standards. Strict quality control is carried out from the very beginning:

Procurement of raw materials: All raw materials right from the metal to other equipment are sourced from reliable sources, who have a long tradition of supplying good quality stuff to our company.

Sampling & Designing: We make use of advanced techniques in our sampling and designing department to enhance the practicality of the utensils. All the designs are developed with proper attention to detailing of designs and patterns.

Manufacturing: We are proud owners of various superior quality machines which are used in making the products in different shapes and sizes. We ensure during the manufacturing process itself whether the product formed is same as given in the specs or not in terms of shape and size.

Finishing: Our QC team is always alert in the final finishing of the product so that the desired aesthetic appearance is achieved.

Quality Tests: Various quality tests are undertaken such as:
  • Salt Test
  • Durability Test
  • Corrosion Resistance Test
  • Heat Storage Capacity Test
  • Tensile strength
Random spot checks : Random spot checks are also conducted at various stages of production to ensure consistent output quality.

Packing and shipping: Once the product gets a finishing touch, the final products are send for another round of checking. Our quality experts again check the product, so that the minute problems (if any) can be detected. The packaging and final shipment are also done by our quality department. We ensure that only the optimal quality products that conform to international quality standards are delivered from our factory premises.
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